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Why Journal?

Research shows that journal writing offers both psychological and physical health benefits. Journaling can help you:

    • Unlock your creativity
    • Maximize your efficiency
    • Heal your relationships
    • Make decisions
    • Access information in your subconscious mind
    • and more!

Journal writing is not simply about leaving a record for future generations. In fact, it doesn't have to be for anyone else at all. Whatever life situation, opportunity, or roadblock you may be facing, a journal can help you deepen your understanding, develop new awareness, and ultimately change your life.

Journal to the self®

Keeping a diary of life events is just one approach to journaling. There are at least 20 journal-keeping techniques for different purposes, including creative expression, healing or personal growth, and even life or business management.

The Journal to the Self® workshop teaches a variety of journaling skills, including:

     • Practical techniques, such as a life inventory, lists of 100, and clustering (mind mapping)
     • Techniques designed to give insight into relationships, such as character sketches and dialogues
     • Intuitive techniques, such as stream of consciousness and working with dreams

The Journal to the Self® workshop is for anyone, from beginners to lifelong journal-keepers, who want to tap into the benefits of writing in a journal.

A Journal to the Self workshop in Salt Lake City.

How it works

Journal to the Self® workshops are typically six weeks long and meet once a week for two hours (retreats are one to two days). Approximately twelve people participate in a workshop or retreat. Each session includes discussion of new journal-writing techniques, short writing prompts with time to experiment, guided meditation, and optional sharing.


About the instructor

Allison Pond is an award-winning journalist known for her coverage of vulnerable populations, including refugees. She previously worked as an editor of in-depth and investigative reporting at the Deseret News and as a research associate at the Pew Research Center. Allison has an MPP from Georgetown University and a BA in journalism and English. A lifelong journal-keeper and a certified Journal to the Self® Instructor, Allison is an engaging teacher, writer and facilitator.

Allison Pond



Playing with language

I loved experimenting with so many different techniques! There were some I latched onto more than others, but I'm grateful for the chance to play with language in such a welcoming setting. I've already thought of many ways to incorporate these ideas into my classroom. 

— Lauren, teacher and JTTS participant

Making sense

The course gave me ideas that inspire me to write more. I found it to be an excellent way to make the constant thoughts in my head more concrete. It helped me process and make sense of the jumbled mess inside my brain.

— Jana, life coach and JTTS participant

Being surprised

It has always been tedious and unpleasant to even think about journaling. Some of these suggestions worked beautifully for me — in surprising ways! I now feel like I have viable methods for exploration. 

— Jane, JTTS participant


The Journal to the Self® workshop was created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams, LPC, PTR, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc., an internationally recognized pioneer and expert in therapeutic writing.


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I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

— Anne Frank